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Importance Of Sports In Curriculum

Importance Of Sports In Curriculum

This is an interesting article which talks about importance of sports in high school and also explains how sports keeps students active, healthy and strong. it also emphasis on how sports helps students in their academics.

Nowadays, parents and teachers seem to give less importance to sports; they feel it, just the waste of time and energy. Everybody wants their children to become engineer and doctor. But they tend to forget that all study and no play would affect the shaping of the child's personality. Such rigid restriction can make children inactive, dependable and lazy. To avoid such consequences schools and colleges have made sports as compulsory and valuable part of student's curriculum. Including physical training and exercise in academics helps to inculcate discipline in students such as every game or sports may have certain rule set which one has to follow strictly.

Participating in sports helps students to understand the meaning of the term team work. Team work is one of the most important skill that high school student can learn through sports. Through team work, students can learn how each individual effort combined with that of their teammates create the success level of the team. Although, wining everything isn't always the best lesson to learn, the fact everyone does their best the team does better is the most important thing to learn.

Participation in different kind of sports helps students to be active, healthy and strong. It also benefits mental health as well as maintain their energy balance. Students engage in physical activity have stronger immune system which prevents them from minor or major illness. It also helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints. Also helps in controlling weight, build lean muscle and reduce fat.

Apart from health benefits, sports also helps students in academics, such as participating in sports lead to the possibility of gaining college sponsorship. This is extremely important for lower income group who cannot afford their child's education. Many high schools offers up to 100% scholarship for the best athletes or sport person they identify in their school.

Sports program in high schools includes inter and intraschool competitive sport, outdoor recreational, adventure sports, fitness, sport development and physical recreation activities. There are numerous ranges of traditional and popular sports which are played in high school such as basket ball, base ball, rugby league and union, netball, hockey, softball and swimming to newer favorites such as abseiling, canoeing, ice skating, rope courses, martial arts and skateboard riding. Students at high school have opportunity to participate at school, zone, area, state and national level. Students with outstanding sport skills may be selected for national team to compete at international level.

Thus, Parents should understand the overall importance of sports and support their children's decision. They should encourage students to participate in a way that suits their interest and ability.